Are You ‘MIA’ on AIT?

Making sense of the Average Income Test without losing your mind

If the Average Income Test (aka IA-Income Averaging) has your head spinning, don’t bury it in the sand. Let TheoPRO show you how to cope before you say NOPE!

Yes, you CAN understand what to do and how to use this newer set-aside.

What is the Average Income Test? AIT from a federal perspective

Should our properties elect this minimum set-aside? Pros and cons…

How do we track units and know what to do each time a household is scheduled to move in?

How are states handling the AIT?

Vivian Probst is a national consultant to the affordable housing industry and has worked with Section 42 for over 30 years. Let her practical training model and sense of humor show you the way through!  

We are thrilled that our new Section 42 property can rent to households with incomes above 60%, but we don’t know the rules to follow. We understand that we have to maintain an average of 60% AMGI on the property but how on earth do we keep track? And what happens if households go over-income?

TheoPRO has been teaching affordable housing program integrations for most of its 30-year existence. Let us help you sort out the rules, know which must be followed and how to correct mistakes if they happen.

Course Curriculum

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    Solo A: The Average Income Test Income Averaging

    • Income Averaging for Property Managers