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TheoPRO's Basic Aptitude in Compliance Evaluation (for Section 42)

NOW - Includes 90 Minute Review of TheoPRO's Tax Credits Basics Recorded Webcast - Hosted by Vivian Probst 

BACE42 Exam is an open book entry-level evaluation. This test has 50 multiple choice questions related to TheoPRO1 material that determines if a person has BASIC skills in qualifying households for Section 42.

BACE42 requires an 80% passing rate to receive a BACE42 certificate. Fee allows test taker one chance to complete. 

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Course Curriculum

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    BACE42 Exam

    • BACE42 Exam
    • BACE42 Exam Review
    • BACE42 Exam
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    The BACE42 Exam

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